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The Words of Others

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Real Testimonials

"Wonderful!  You are touching and influencing many hearts. " - S. G.

"Congratulations Susan! I'm excited for you but also for the many that have bought your book 

and will be as blessed as I was with it!" - D. K.

"I AM rejoicing! Already your book is being used as a huge blessing in our 14 & 12 year old granddaughter's mom's life. She is a heroin addict. I prayed with her after I gave it to her. Hadn't seen her in 9 months. She's depressed, not feeling well. Thank you for sharing your talents. I ordered some more books today."More Testimonies  - G. C.

My Art Message

Check out the many inspirational pieces!

May the beauty of my hands inspire you!

 My art is to color your world,  filled with with the Lord's warm  light, love and hope in your heart and life today.​  

- Susan's God-given Design, Desire and Destiny


Books & Commissioned Art

It is my hope and prayer - My art colors your world with our Creator's beauty, comfort, joy, light, love and hope in your heart and life today. ​ — Susan's God-given Design, Desire and Destiny ​

New!! My Wind, Water & Fire Works! Collection



These new pieces coming will be in themes such as: Fall Harvest, Woodland Animals, Safari Animals, Dogs, Cats, Ocean....

No Way! Only 3 Colors??


Yes!! That's right! These soon to be created amazing pieces will all be painted with 3 colors! Red, Yellow and Blue.

What do you see for your walls?

I've done special orders for years! Want a unique conversation starter? Contact me today for yours.

Contact me today for your unique Conversation starter or center piece for your walls. Bold. Colorful. Simple and Original.

About the Susan Pettit Gallery

The Art Gallery

Inspirational calligraphy, fine art, watercolors, pastel, acrylics, drawings, paintings, commissions

My art is original and inspirational. 

Browse through fine art and designs in watercolor, acrylics, calligraphy, pastels, drawings and more. It is my hope that it fills you with light, love, hope and real encouragement.

The Books

Inspirational Color My World - 31 Day Devotional Prayer Coloring Journal, Susan Pettit artist writer

The Lord has been so good to help me write, illustrate & publish -

Color My World - A 31 Day Devotional, Prayer and Coloring Journal. 

Currently working on my  next book -

coffee. tea. you & Me -   

A Supernatural Mystery Romance

In the Natural

The Inspiration and Commissions


Painting animal portraits and prophetic are are special joys for me. Over the years, I have been commissioned to paint many animals in pastels and watercolors. I am excited to begin in the Prophetic Art with color and symbolism.

Contact me today to see how we can create your special art for your home, office, or as a gift.

Upcoming Classes

Often through the year I teach public and private lessons.

Pesonalized Classes

By appointment

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Pesonalized Classes

Susan has tutored young and old in watercolors, acrylics and calligraphy. If you or a group of people would like to have her teach her art to you, please reach out and we will see how we can make it happen! Blessings to you! Contact Susan today!

By appointment

Event Details

 Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13

About Me

Inspirational Artist & Author Susan Pettit, Gardener of Roses & Hearts


During recess I began "practicing" for that dream ahead - to be an artist! At the tender age of six, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior continued to grow in love with the Lord. I began making cards at a young age, and that began to be a creative outlet using calligraphy and small watercolor illustrations. It was my life-long dream to create hope and encouragement for others through my art.

After receiving my BA Commercial Art from Pensacola Christian College, I went on to teach college art classes, work as an illustrator, and as a graphic designer. After college, got married and then had my three amazing daughters.  But life took on a much different course than I had dreamed.  I began to go through painful decades of fear, abuse, divorce, widowhood, loss and great hardships with great physical and emotional pain.  

Through those terribly hard years, the one thing I did was put my trust in God and His great mercy and grace. As I put my trust in Him, He was faithful and oh so loving. He was true to His Word and did eventually bring me beauty for ashes. He allowed me to finally begin to realize my dreams. The time proved to be eternally rewarding through the many jewels the Lord revealed to me on my journey. 

It is now time for me to share those treasures with you! I have written and illustrated those years of learning and gathering in my new published book Color My World.

Currently, I have the blessing of working out of my home studio, S. Pettit Gallery. It is a tiny home studio where I paint, draw, write, create and imagine while surrounded by roses, flowers and herbs.  It is a peaceful spot that I get to create many commissioned fine art pieces, art work and teach others how to grow in their art. I gather inspiration from the Creator's handiwork in my herb and flower gardens. I also worked in the floral industry as a professional floral designer and grower over the years. 

The Lord has given me the gifts of being an artist who uses my pen and brush to paint the colors and images of the Lord's light, love, and hope. As one to encourage as artist and gardener for over almost 50 years, I get to continue daily to grow in the love and grace of my Lord Jesus Christ. Having a cup of tea with guests seeking prayer or a word of encouragement is a great joy in my life. My three lovely grown daughters and grandson are extra special blessings.

I believe the Lord wants us to share our story. Do you have a story you'd like to share with me about your personal walk with the Lord, or how art and beauty influenced you for the better? I'd love to hear it!

Meet My Garden Flowers



Where do you like to go and disconnect from the cares of the day? For me, it is in the garden. Whenever the stress of the day, week, or my life seems to take over, if I can just slip outside and connect with God's beauty outside, ah, it makes life seem so much more in order in a very short order.

​Gardening is in my blood as I come from a long line of gardeners. My love of color and beauty seem to find great satisfaction in the garden. It is there, in that light symphony of fragrance, design, colors and lines all orchestrate to paint music for my soul. I need flowers! It is just the way God made me. I just need that feast of the garden elements to feed the senses of my soul so I can connect with Him.

​My number one favorite, always has been since I was a little girl, and always will be on into eternity…is the rose. To this day, I can remember walking in my Grandmother's tiny Californian rose garden and looking up and drinking in the wafts of heady rose perfume. At one time, I had over 200 rose bushes. In the small garden I have now, I am down to about 5 dozen or so. I love all sizes, shapes, colors and types. But my special treasures are ones that have that romantic knock out fragrance in bi-colored hues such as Double Delight and Falling in Love. As this year goes along, I will post their portraits!

​Other cherished members of my garden include the fragrant lilies, spring bulbs, hydrangeas, many herbs, pansies, primroses and ferns. They all hold a special place around my and in my home and in my affections.

Roses & More Roses!!



Roses, mmm, just the name floods my mind and heart with joy, color, fragrance and beauty.

I have grown roses since I was a little girl. In that time I have made some mistakes and have also had many successes in the hundreds of roses I have personally planted and grown. Over the years, many have not understood my whys and hows as I have started planting after plantings. But, once the little roses have grown to be lush and bear glorious fragrant blooms, people have gotten over the oddity of my way. Then, they too begin to see the Lord work on my behalf to bring about their beauty. 

Now, many people contact me how to grow those lovely beauties. So, as time permits, I will share my secrets to help you grow  your own garden of roses! But, in the meantime, I sneak as much time out among my beauties as much as possible, and share their lovely faces with many people every year, with blessings and goodwill. I also paint them all throughout the year as well, so that others all around the world can enjoy my roses.

May the Lord fill your heart with His Presence and beautiful fragrance.

Contact Me

Reach out and let me know how I can help!

Better yet, see me in person! Blessings to you.

Absolutely love my customers, so feel free to contact me to schedule a visit.

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What Others Are Saying

Detail in the Art


​​​"Your art is gorgeous! It is truly inspired and I so enjoy looking at it. God's hands are on yours while you paint. I can't wait to see where you go with your art."  - R. B  


"Congratulations!!  Well done.

The cover is very appealing to women. The art work to color is perfect-not so involved that your body suffers from coloring too long.  I think the inspiration quotes coupled with the coloring gives the reader reflection time. This is a huge accomplishment."   - S. S.


 ​​​"I love your book and all the encouragement it gives! Truly inspired. Thank you!" R.P.   

​ "Highly inspirational are my two words for your website, my dear friend. Nice, very nice !  Love your love for the garden and all the beauty that God creates thru these wonderful delights we tag as flowers and the like.... Jesus comes SHINING thru like a diamond ! " - A. P. 

"Thank you Susan for your gifts! They are beautiful and I will treasure them forever. You are such a talented artist and I can't wait for more of the world to recognize your talents." - J. S.



​​​"My beautiful friend, Susan Pettit, wrote this 31 day devotional / journal . It is a must have. She is a true and beautiful example of the love of Jesus. And if you are near Spokane Washington this Saturday go meet Susan and pick up a signed copy. Your heart will be blessed!" - R. R.

"Thank you for your book! What a special treasure...beautifully illustrated, thoughtfully written...definitely 'inspirational'!"  - W. S.

​ "Beautiful work as always." - B. J. B. 



​"Susan, I continue to pray for God to open continually the wondrous doors of your beautiful, inspiring & amazing gifts of creativity! Truly 'Color My World," colors my world! Thank you!" - J. W.

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful book. I am ordering another for a friend hoping we will journey together. :) Your story and strong words of encouragement mean the world to me." - C. H.


"I AM rejoicing! Already your book is being used as a huge blessing in our 14 & 12 year old granddaughter's mom's life. She is a heroin addict. I prayed with her after I gave it to her. Hadn't seen her in 9 months. She's depressed, not feeling well. Thank you for sharing your talents. I ordered some more books today."  - G. C.



"This is an absolutely gorgeous book with uplifting and inspiring scriptures throughout, reminding and assuring us of God's love, mercy and grace. Her artistic ability is astounding. Every page is beautiful. Makes a wonderful gift for yourself, and also as a comforting and encouraging gift for someone you love who is hurting, be they young or old." - Finny

  "Wow, I just love the work of your hands Tanzy ❤️ everything you create is filled with such love! 😘" - W. J. 



"I too have this book and last night, I sat down with it after a long and hectic day and reading in it made me feel calm and it "colored" my heart happy!" - J. T.

"I have purchased several books and journals walking through my journey winning over cancer. This book Color My World is the BEST out there on the market for a journey in healing. It is non-judgmental, it is helpful, encouraging and I LOVE the artwork! It is filled with light, color and pure colors. It is not muddied up in any way. There is plenty of room for reflection, and my own thoughts, and I do not need to color in a thing if I am not feeling up to it. It is a beautiful book and I am buying several more copies today!"  - J. P.​​

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Blessings from the Great Northwest!

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